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Advanced decision systems for driving your operations to new heights

Our mission is to increase global business productivity through operations research and intelligent decision systems, we offer end-to-end transformations in operational efficiency and performance.

We aspire to be the world's foremost innovators in real-time decision-making systems. Regardless of your objectives—be it optimizing costs, boosting profitability, or enhancing customer service—our team of talented scientists and engineers is dedicated to addressing real-world operational challenges.

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Dynamic Operations Management,
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BIXI Operations

Our real-time decision system streamlines BIXI's operations from start to finish, automating and optimizing everything from demand forecasting to driver task allocation. This comprehensive approach enhances bike availability, reduces labor costs, and results in substantial savings and revenue growth.

  • 12M+ trips in 2023

  • 10 000+ Bikes

  • 3rd largest Bike Share in North America

  • Bike rebalancing, battery swaps and custom operations

Operation Management

Our real-time decision system refined Communauto's car wash operations, enhancing efficiency by 65% with the same resources. This major step forward significantly reduced manual processing time, contributing to increased user satisfaction and showcasing our capacity for optimizing specific operational segments.

  • 65% increase in efficiency

  • Largest car share in Canada

[Our specialty]

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In the transportation sector, our expertise in operational research and real-time decision systems enables route optimization, delivery time reduction, and cost minimization. We develop customized solutions to address the unique challenges of each business, thereby enhancing their competitiveness and operational efficiency.

Supply chain management

Our in-depth knowledge of real-time decision systems transforms supply chains into agile and resilient systems. We automate planning, forecasting, and inventory optimization to ensure efficient resource management, reduce risks, and improve responsiveness to market fluctuations.


In the realm of maintenance, our expertise lies in deploying intelligent, real-time fleet management systems. Our solutions automate and optimize operational management on the field, thus ensuring optimal resource use. Recognizing that operations vary from one client to another, we prioritize customizing each solution to meet the specific needs of the client, making customization a central pillar of our approach.

[Timeline for implementation]

Risk-Free Integration

Step 1 : Data Collection and Integration

  • Collect and clean all necessary data for seamless integration.

  • Integrate data with our decision-making software for optimized performance.

Step 2 : On-Site Operational Analysis

  • Deploy our team on-site to gain in-depth insights into your operations.

  • Ensure smooth integration and tailor our approach to your unique operational flow.

Step 3 : Rigorous Testing and Customization

  • Conduct extensive testing of our algorithms within your operational context.

  • Fine-tune our solutions to align perfectly with your specific operational needs.

Step 4 : Continuous Monitoring and Support

  • Offer round-the-clock monitoring and support to manage operations comprehensively.

  • Provide immediate responses and adjustments to maintain operational excellence.

[Our team]


Imad Mechmachi

Imad's journey combines stellar academic achievements with a passion for tackling real-world challenges head-on. Imad won the Jacques St-Pierre Award in 2021, he stood out as the top Math and Computer Science grad at the University of Montreal. His passion project, optimizing BIXI Montreal's bike relocation, won the CORS bachelor level competition. Imad thrives on diving deep into complex quantitative puzzles, optimization, and decision-making, always ready to push the envelope in operational excellence.

Shawn Boucher

Shawn's academic foundation in accounting, laid at HEC Montreal, is complemented by his fervent interest in business development and entrepreneurship. His enthusiasm extends beyond the numbers; Shawn is deeply passionate about cultivating a culture of greatness through teamwork. He believes in the power of collective effort and hard work to transform visions into reality, driving the team forward with a shared commitment to excellence and innovation

[Team life]

Building an A+ Team

Kai Wen Y., Algorithm & Data Science Developer, Vivek K., Full Stack Software Engineer, and Elahe A., PhD C., Research Scientist.

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